Dancing Through the Pain

Dancing Through the Pain in Classrooms:

One of my favorite things about my program is how versatile it is. I am willing to teach one of my classes to children of all ages. So far I have taught in classrooms from Kindergarten to eighth grade. 

  •  First I talk to the kids about why I am there. I explain my story and listen to theirs.
  • Next I get the kids on their feet!
  • After stretching, exercising, and learning the basic ballet positions, I show the kids the different types of clothing and shoes we wear.
  • Finally I have the kids stretch one last time before they sit down and ask questions!



Dancing Through the Pain in Nursing Homes :

My nursing home classes are my most popular classes!This class features:

  • Light stretching and exercises that relieve and strengthen muscles.
  • Incorporation of fun dance moves and positions during the class.
  • I also explain in more detail my story and how dance can be used as a lighter and exciting style of exercise!

     Dancing Through the Pain in Hospitals:

    One of my favorite places to do my classes are in hospitals. I was so excited to work with Central Valley Children's Hospital, a Children's Miracle Network Hospital to do one of my classes. The kids seemed to love it!

    • Light stretching that helps to loosen muscles
    • Everyone becomes dancer as we learn all 5 basic ballet positions!
    • The sharing of my story and experiences along with the benefits of dance and a positive attitude


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