Day 2- Mrs. International

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day two was just as eventful as day one! The first photo is right outside of the theatre before the Mrs. International Finals Pageant! 

Makeup and Hair- Clay Spann

Outfit: Joey at Competitive Image

The top photo in the collage is with Miss Teen Illinois International! The bottom left photo is me just being me haha! Miss Teen Virginia  International, Miss Teen Georgia, and I are in the bottom right photo.

In the second collage the top left picture is my grandmother and I! I am so thankful she came with me during this week. She came all the way from Idaho. Here is a quick update for everyone about my mom. She is slowly doing better and is now out of the hospital. Physical therapy is a vital part of her treatment process. Even though she is not here with me now she is going to try to make it for actual competition nights! Either way I know she is supporting me this week and I am so grateful for that alone! 

If she is unable to make it I could not be more excited that she will be able to watch the live stream! Thank you Mary Richardson for all that you do for us girls. Making the live stream possible allows everyone to support us, as well as more people to hear about out platforms if we are given the opportunity to be in the Top 11!

The bottom left is with Farabe Algor, Mrs. International 2015. I would like to congratulate her on having an amazing reign. The top left is Miss Teen South Dakota and I! Last but not least is Miss Tennessee and I! 

This is a group photo with the Miss and Teen contestants that attended the Finals pageant! It was great to meet all of the girls, I cannot wait get to know all of them more throughout the week. We have already created a giant group chat! By the way, I am all the way on the right in this picture! 


Selfie time with Miss North Dakota, Miss Teen North Dakota, and Miss Teen Virginia!


Congratulations to Mrs. Illinois for placing first runner up! You are one amazing lady. I have enjoyed getting to know you as well as watch you compete. You are such a great role model I appreciate your advice and prayers so much! 

A huge congratulations to this amazing lady! It was great to see a women of faith win Mrs. International. Your family was sitting in the seats right in front of me, and let me tell you they were so proud of their mom. I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful opportunities God gives you to help others this year.

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