Day 2: Miss Teen International

Friday, July 29, 2016

This day was so full of events. I am just going to take time to  touch on each of them! The first picture is from before we went on the outing day! 
Having a refresh course of hands- only CPR was great! Here is a tip: the beat to the song "Stayin Alive" is about how fast the compressions should be. I am so musically oriented so that stuck with me!

Next we made blankets for the local Children's Hospital here in Jacksonville. We heard the children in the cardiac unit loved them. 

 Sweet Pete's was next! This candy store is three stories tall! Not only did we get to make our own watermelon flavored lollipops, we got to shop, sample, and buy candy! It was so much fun. 

After that we had a walking tour that took us to some of the highest and lowest parts of Jacksonville. From the tops of building that gave us an exceptional view of the city, to underground in old bank tunnels, that tour was sure an adventure! 

Touring the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium was awesome. I have always loved football so having a private tour of an NFL Stadium was pretty spectacular. We were only allowed to take pictures in certain places because of the renovation that is currently going on. It was nice to see some of the surprises before the public gets to see them! 

Last but not least was the dinner. A big thank you to Eddie Peterson for the inspirational talk. Esther is one of my favorite bible stories, and in fact I danced in a ballet production of that story. It is great to hear about her as a reminder to all of us that... 

"But perhaps you were born, for such a time as this." Esther 4:14

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