Day 1- Mrs. International Preliminary Night

Sunday, July 24, 2016
I have officially arrived in Jacksonville, Florida! We had quite a road trip but hey, I made it! That story deserves a whole separate blog post! It has been amazing to meet all of these successful women from around the globe. 
The first picture is of my hair and makeup for the night by the wonderful Clay Spann! You truly make me feel like a princess.
 There were just so many photos from the night I decided to put some into a collage. On the top left of the second photo is Miss Teen North Dakota and I. The top right is with the adorable Miss Iowa Sweetheart, isn't she a cutie! The bottom left is with Monique, the director of the Mrs. Arizona Pageant. She has taken me under her wing and I cannot thank her enough for the support and opportunities she has given me. Last but not least the bottom right is with  Miss Teen Illinois and I!

The next picture is with Joey of Competitive Image, Clay Spann, and I! Again, I appreciate all that you have done for me!

Nikki, Mrs. Arizona and I are in the next picture! You did an amazing job competing. Your stage presence is fabulous and you are truly passionate about your platform. Congratulations, you made Arizona proud!

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