Dancing Through the Pain

Friday, December 26, 2014
 Here is a picture with one of the ladies that attended my weekly Dancing Through the Pain Class at the Remington! This week we focused on our arms and shoulders.

Bethel Ballet Academy Calenders

Bethel Ballet Academy Calendar's can be pre-ordered now! Here is a sneak peak. This is the month of January!

Dancing Through the Pain

I had a great time teaching a few Dancing Through the Pain Classes to these 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders! These kids had great energy and loved participating.

We like to have fun to!

Dancing Through the Pain

Here are pictures from another Dancing Through the Pain class I taught! If anyone would like to find out more information check out the new page at the top of my blog. The contact me page is also up there if you would like to ask me question directly!

Winter Concert

Last week was my high school's Annual Winter Concert! I played with our schools contemporary band and orchestra.

 From Frosty the Snowman to Ave Maria I hope our wide variety of songs interested the audience.

I cant wait to see what we will be performing next a our
 Spring Concert.

Charity Dress Sale!

Monday, December 8, 2014
I decided to announce my charity dress sale! Pictures and more information will be coming out soon. The first dress is posted on my Instagram but there will be many more to come. Some of the proceeds from the dresses will go to different charity's such as the Children's  Miracle Network and The American Heart Association! Picture's will be coming soon!

Lemoore's Christmas Parade

I was so excited to play the electric violin in the Lemoore Christmas Parade for a second year! I had a great time with the rest of my schools contemporary band. Last year our float received 3rd place, I wonder what we will get this year!

Frontier Elementary School's Annual Christmas Book Fair

I was a Holiday Helper Elf at Frontier Elementary School's  Annual Christmas Book Fair. I helped kids write Christmas Wish lists and Letters to Santa!

Miricles I See Instagram Challange

Embedded image permalinkChildren's Miracle Network has announced their Miracles I See Instagram Challenge. I will be participating in this challenge! I encourage everyone to participate and check out my Instagram @garin_harris ! The links to all my social media are on the right side bar.