Ballet Magnificats Summer Dance Intensive -Week 1

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Hello, everyone. This is my first update for my summer dance intensive. I have been having a great time so far! I enjoyed meeting my group and my counselor, Leslie. The classes have been amazing, and I have learned so much in dance and in Bible study. Tonight the Omega company is performing their new ballet Face to Face.
This is the official Face to Face poster, the picture is of my counselor Leslie who plays the main role in the ballet.
 I am taking two college classes this summer. These are pictures of me studying. I have to work on my classes during lunch and dinner breaks as well as in the trailer!

These dance pictures were taken in Mississippi!

We have been eating a Paleo diet, which means no gluten or sugar! It is actually really good. The picture above is of an amazing pizza recipe. We made two pizzas and divided them into sections so we could each choose our toppings. Can you       
guess which one is mine ?
I will keep everyone updated once a week!

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