Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive - Week 3

Monday, July 28, 2014
Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer! My third week at Ballet Magnificat has been filled with group events, classes ,and choreography. I am currently learning the opening piece from Ballet Magnificat's Ruth. I am excited to be performing it in a couple of days.

 I took these pictures before the Alpha Company performed. They performed the Arrival and Deliver Us, for all of the Summer Dance Intensive students.
The Arrival!

Deliver Us!
I really enjoyed these ballets. I believe the story they spoke really impacted us students. I wish they would perform again!
Here is another picture of my wonderful group! They have made this trip exciting so far!
Here is a picture of my counselor Leslie and I.

Here are a few more miscellaneous pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

More Pictures From My Trip!

Hi everyone! Here are a few more pictures from my trip so far. Hope you enjoy them!
                                                     My group and I baking cookies!
                                                A group picture during our shopping trip.

                                                    All of us at dinner! It was amazing!
                                                                    Bible study time!
 This is a picture of all of the Summer Dance Intensive students after our first performance. I am excited for our next performance that is coming up at the end of this week! I will be performing the opening piece from Ballet Magnificat's Ruth !
        There are a couple of pictures from our trip to Mississippi!
 I hope everyone is having a great summer! 

More Pictures from Week 2

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Here are a few extra pictures from my performance during week two ! Hope you Enjoy!      
Emma my assistant counselor and I.

                                        Here I am stretching before the show.
My friend Bess and I.
     This is a picture I took before the performance.
                                                            Madeline, Rachel and I.
This is a picture of the stage after the performance. I had a great time and can't wait to perform again  in a couple of weeks!

Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive- Week 2

Hello everyone! I have had a busy second week at Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive. We have been getting ready for our first performance. I was in the dance called "No Greater Love." I had a great time performing and can't wait to perform again in a couple of weeks!

                   This is a picture of me getting ready in one of the dressing rooms before the show!
                                These pictures were taken in the theater where we performed.

                     This is a picture of Rachel ,Sarah, baby Daniel and I ,after the show.
My group and I had a great time on the shopping trip. The picture above is of a few girls from my group and I. We all drew name's and will be buying gift's and writing notes to them for the next two weeks! I can't tell you who's name I drew yet because it is a secret!

Ballet Magnificats Summer Dance Intensive -Week 1

Hello, everyone. This is my first update for my summer dance intensive. I have been having a great time so far! I enjoyed meeting my group and my counselor, Leslie. The classes have been amazing, and I have learned so much in dance and in Bible study. Tonight the Omega company is performing their new ballet Face to Face.
This is the official Face to Face poster, the picture is of my counselor Leslie who plays the main role in the ballet.
 I am taking two college classes this summer. These are pictures of me studying. I have to work on my classes during lunch and dinner breaks as well as in the trailer!

These dance pictures were taken in Mississippi!

We have been eating a Paleo diet, which means no gluten or sugar! It is actually really good. The picture above is of an amazing pizza recipe. We made two pizzas and divided them into sections so we could each choose our toppings. Can you       
guess which one is mine ?
I will keep everyone updated once a week!

Travel Day 4- Ballet Magnificats Summer Dance Intensive

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We finally made it to Mississippi! I was so excited to be here and meet my group and counselor  Leslie! We have our placement class tomorrow, then we start our normal classes according to our level. I will be keeping everyone updated around once or twice a week from this point on!

These pictures were taken in Mississippi at our campground for the night.

 Our last stop , Jackson, Mississippi!

Travel Day 3 - Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive

Saturday, July 5, 2014
Today has been a good day for traveling! We were able to make up some lost time. Only one day left of traveling until we make it to Jackson, Mississippi!
 These pictures were taken in Texas!
 Our stop for the night was Denton, Texas.


Friday, July 4, 2014
I have exciting news! I recently started my YouTube channel . I have  only posted  one video so far. It is  a dance  from this years  Bethel Ballet Academy's recital.  Garin Harris is the name of the YouTube  channel !  I have already started working on some projects and I will be posting more videos once I get back from Mississippi !  Thank you for all of the support !

Travel Day 2- Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive

Hi everybody ! Our second day of travel went pretty smoothly.  I have had a great time so far , and I'm not even  to Mississippi yet! 

These picture's were taken during a quick snack break in Arizona . 

Our stop for travel day two was Albuquerque , New Mexico !

Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive

Thursday, July 3, 2014
This year I am attending Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive! I will be keeping you guys updated on my month long journey ! Today was our first day of travel . We are driving to Mississippi  all the way from California ! 
                                  These picture's were taken while we were still in California .
After about 8 hours of driving we made it to our first stop, Kingman, Arizona !