Bethel Ballet Academy Presents " Keepers of the Light "

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keepers of the Light

This year Bethel Ballet Academy had their 10th annual dance recital called "Keepers of the Light." I played a keeper of the light since I am in level 5 the top level at our studio. I also had the role as one of the "deceptions" that deceive the keepers in the show. Below is the video of the Deceptions dance. I am dancing in the right aerial hoop!

"Deceptions" choreographed by Amy Sagastume

Deceptions : Left Hoop- Michelle Allison
                      Middle Hoop- Jenna Prichard
                 Right Hoop - Garin Harris

 Keepers of the Light : Left- Andrew Rees
                                                  Right - Sarah Vela          

Olbaid: Center - Katie Coakley     

Level 5
Left to Right
Emalie Davis, Jenna Prichard, Andrew Rees, Garin Harris and Michelle Allison

My headshot from dance pictures this year.

My wonderful dance teacher Amy Sagstume and I after the recital! Thank you so much for working so hard on the performance this year. The whole studio appreciates your hard work!

One of my favorite little ballerinas Paige Jensen and I after the show! 

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